About RPS Technology Solutions

21st century solutions for the SME market

RPS Technology Solutions was founded early in the 21st century to provide 21st century solutions to the SME market. Based at its headquarters in Cwmbran, South Wales it provides solutions to organisations across the UK and is recognised as the only Internet Telecoms Service Provider (ITSP) operating out of the principality.

Specialists in a full range of VoIP services, IT solutions and support services

Specialising in a full range of VoIP services and IT solutions and support services RPS Technology Solutions provide business solution packages to meet their clients individual needs.

With more than 50 years of experience in major communication companies our directors decided to use their experience to bring a wealth of consultative and technical knowledge to businesses looking to deploy communication services and IT solutions into their business.

  • As a business we spend the time to consider how you want to deliver customer service to your clients, how you interact office to office and how you continue customer interaction after hours.
  • Quality of Service is paramount to meeting our customer expectations and with a unique service offering that monitors your network 24/7 you can expect nothing less than clear digital conversation.
  • RPS are members of the Federation of Communications Services and registered Ofcom Number resellers RID code FXU.

Our slogan "Technically Caring for Your Business" means that you don't have to worry about it!